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Started by gsxbarmy, Monday, 13 May 2019, 05:56 PM

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Can all forum members please be aware that going forwards, we will now have a "time limit" of 3 months on adverts in the Classifieds section and once a thread/advert has been dormant for this period of time it will be deleted, irrelevant of status. This hopefully will keep this section more fresh and current.

In the next few days, the Admin team will start to invoke the above and remove any existing threads in the Classifieds section greater than 3 months old.

If there are any existing threads within this section which are greater than 3 months old, but which you wish to retain, please advise.

Nothing to do.............all day to do it....I love retirement :lol:


Why not just bump it rather than contact you, much easier.
Keep the rubber side down.          Mick


Correct Mick, that'd be the best way, as 'the clean up' will be done by date.
😎  Always looking for the next corner.  😎

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