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Donations towards cost of maintaining the Owner's ORG 2019 / 2020

Started by VladTepes, Friday, 20 September 2019, 10:31 AM

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Hello all,

Last year quite a few members generously donated toward the cost of running the ORG.

As those $ have largely been expended, we invite all members to make a contribution but it is entirely optional.

This place continues to go from strength to strength and we have a great community of engaged people here.


I'd like you members to understand how much (or how little, depending on your point of view) it is costing me financially to run this place.

I do this for three reasons:

1. It's YOUR forum. I'm an open book, so to speak. Nothing to hide from members.
2. This is a non-profit exercise. ALL money will go back into the running of the forum; and
3. It's possible some people think the running costs are higher than they actually are, based on previous experience...

So here 'tis:  (These figures are from last year. I'll update when I can but they are pretty close to the mark)

Domain Name Registration for gsx1400owners.org AUD$14.99 per annum.
Alternate domain name registrations: TBA
Web Hosting Service  AUD$9.95 per month.
Paid SMF mods and add-ons: SMF Gallery Pro  AUD $69  p.a

Total Annual Costs (ongoing) AUD $203.39 or approx GBP £117

(Later in 2020 we will need to migrate to an updated version of the forum software. While the software is free we may need a few additional paid 'plugins' to get it as we like.  The good news there is that we'll get the forum looking better than ever and also more secure).

You'll note the financial recompense to the 'owner' (me, technically speaking), admins, and moderators is NIL, and that's the way it will stay. 

I know I also speak on behalf of @gsxbarmy @Proteous @Andre and @KiwiCol  when I say that we do this voluntarily because we love this place and want to see it thrive.

You members are our motivation, and the GSX1400 our muse.


Q: How do I go about donating?
A: Patience young Jedi! Read on !

Q: Is donating compulsory?
A: Hell no.

Q: If I donate what extra benefits will I get?
A: None.

Q: No really, if I donate I must get something?
A: Oh alright then - you'll get the words "Forum Donor 2020" underneath your name next to your posts.

Q: And...
A: A warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Q: I see (because I read ahead) that you are only accepting donations via paypal. Why is that?
A: For practical reasons.
  1. The account is in Australia so direct deposit from the UK (for example) would be prohibitively expensive.
  2. It allows all the donations to be easily tracked & verified.
  3. It facilitates currency exchange

Q: I don't have a paypal account. What can I do?
A: It's pretty easy to set one up, but if you really don't have or want one, perhaps a friend might be able to use theirs on your behalf.
     You can now also pay using a credit card via paypal.
Q: I want to donate but I can only really afford a few dollars. Is that OK?
A: Of course! It all adds up and as noted the costs aren't massive so even a small amount DOES make a worthwhile contribution.  Nobody will know the amount of your donation anyway so none of that matters.

Q: I love this place, but I genuinely can't afford to donate anything, sorry.
A: That's absolutely fine. There is no expectation to donate, and you won't miss out on anything if you don't.

Q: This place sucks. Give you my money? Hell no! What are you going to do about it?
A: Nothing. That's fine too.

Q: Are donations only now or can I do it any time?
A: No hurry. Any day/month/year that suits you is fine, of course. We'll be here.

Q: Is it tax deductible?
A. Ah, no.

Q: So what's the process?
A: OK then here you are...

How to Donate

Log into your paypal account, or go to the paypal home page.
Select send money - select 'To family and friends'
Send to: admin@gsx1400owners.org
Please state your forum username (and real name if you wish) in the reference/ text option.

You may also wish to follow up by sending me (VladTepes) a PM to confirm, or post that you have made a donation in this thread. (don't state the amount)
I'll keep an eye out for it, and when the money is received, I'll add the custom title 'Forum Donor 2020' to your profile.

Thank you. 

Please free to comment / ask any questions you like, below.

Our balance?

I don't plan on keeping a running tally updated on here, too much like hard work.
But in the interests of transparency if you have any questions regarding forum finances send me a PM and I'll let you know.

- VladTepes

To our members:   :notworthy: :onya:

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Donation sent, thanks to all involved for their input making this great place work  :worshippy:


Sent something, great forum, fantastic info, thanks to all admins & mods

Suzuki boi

Will stick a few Bob in on payday.
My gsx 1400 wouldn't be running without this site.



With a special message  :imrgreen: ( to keep it special.... i didn't include my screen name  :happy1: )
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Sent enough for a coffee Vlad. A big one. Pay Pal charge is 3.6%.Easy, fast, never had a prob with many transactions.


Quote from: grog on Saturday, 21 September  2019, 06:34 PM
Sent enough for a coffee Vlad. A big one. Pay Pal charge is 3.6%.Easy, fast, never had a prob with many transactions.

It cost me nothing Grog. Maybe you need to reset your account.
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