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We are BACK ! (Forum reverted and OK to use)

Started by VladTepes, Tuesday, 12 November 2019, 11:32 PM

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In order to resolve issues with the forum we have had to wind it back to the situation as at Friday 8 November 2019, 4:41 AM, Sydney time. (currently UTC+11)

Any members who joined after Nov 7th wil need to re-register please.

Any posts by everyone which were made after that date and time have gone. Forever.
Sorry about that but c'est la vie.

Please feel free to repost anything that disappeared
(obviously I haven't seen it all so I mean as long as it's within the forum rules, respecting others, etc :D )

Thank you all for your patience and understanding. :onya:

I'll lock this thread as the contents aren't up for discussion etc.

Anyone experiencing problems please PM me and/or post a thread about it here:

@MrErling  Unfortunately we were unable to recover your missing posts, and were unable to obtain details as you have not responded to PM's.   In any event, I looked at the incremental backups and even as far back as 5 November the problem still existed. Naturally for the benefit of the forum overall, I am unwilling to roll the forum back further.
Any questions you may have asked, and still need an answer to, please feel free to repost :onya:  We recommend that you change your forum password ASAP (this can be done via your profile)

@Tony Nitrous buggered if I know what heppened to all your posts mate but it's sorted back to how it was now.  You're a highly valued contributor to this place, with a lot of technical knowledge and good banter so I'm very happoy we were able to recover your stuff.  :cheers: We recommend that you also consider changing your forum password, in case it has been compromised. (We have no way of ascertaining that unfortunately) (this can be done via your profile)
Vlad's K7 "Back in Black"

As a Pink Floyd fan, I get annoyed when I see vegetarians eating pudding.

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Oh also if anyone has sent any Private Messages since 7 November you will need to re-send those.

If anyone has sent any to me specifically please do remind me what I was doing.

Also anyone who has donated but not yet been updated to 2020 status please let me know via PM and/or in this thread: http://gsx1400owners.org/forum/index.php?topic=4687.0
Vlad's K7 "Back in Black"

As a Pink Floyd fan, I get annoyed when I see vegetarians eating pudding.

YouTubeLandyVlad Rides

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