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Thursday, 09 December 2021, 08:09 AM


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Members - do you run your own business?

Started by VladTepes, Monday, 08 June 2020, 11:47 AM

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I'm interested to know who runs their own business, and if so whether you'd like a sub-forum or thread where you can post your details in case other members are looking for the services you provide, and would like to support fellow forum members.

It's really only something I'd look at if there was sufficient demand.

You are also welcome to put a link to your own personal businesses only, here: https://gsx1400owners.org/forum/index.php?action=links;cat=7
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I own a small road haulage company in Sunderland (u.k) it's hard work at the moment due to this pandemic but I'm getting by. It's called BEECHBROOKE LOGISTICS LTD.

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