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Snapped TPS housing

Started by AndyB, Tuesday, 16 March 2021, 06:00 AM

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Hi fellas,
Quick question...stripping my bike down for the conversion
I took my throttle bodies the other day..& I've noticed a crack in the housing where the cables exit ..barely noticeable unless you give it a prod...I'm thinking a careful super glue job  should be enough to keep water out when washing etc.
Would I be right in thinking that...or is there a better fix...or anything I should be aware of ?
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It's probably not a crack, there is a small heat shrunk section that covers the wires as they exit the sensor.

You've just reminded me the one on my SPS is slightly torn so needs a dab of glue to keep it in place.


It's just underneath that cable shroud hooli..definitely cracked..
I've seen loads of of bandit sensors a lot worse than mine...and was thinking...why havnt they been repaired...is there a reason why they havnt been glued.
I,ll do a careful superglue job on it ..should be fine
I,ll take a couple of photos of the bike too...I said I'd document the build for you lads..
Bikes , beer , blondes ........& Bacon🤣😎


Ahh gotcha, aye I can't see a reason a bit of glue wouldn't work either then.


I give it a prod to see if the crack went all the way round.....if it didnt...it does now :whatever:
Bikes , beer , blondes ........& Bacon🤣😎


My SPS is just like that, I keep forgetting to do owt about it.


A bit of gorilla glue and a wet finger hooli...jobs a good'un
Bikes , beer , blondes ........& Bacon🤣😎


I would use something a bit more substantial than superglue as that's not waterproof, araldite or similar.
Keep the rubber side down.          Mick


Hi mick...its  gorilla glue I've used....just done a quick Google because I wasnt sure if it is waterproof....turns out it actually is waterproof which is cool.....otherwise I'd of had to re-do it with something that was
Bikes , beer , blondes ........& Bacon🤣😎


Gorilla glue is fine. Just keep it out of your hair. ;)
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just my thinking i would use a little bit of sikaflex can get it in black , it will glue it together , be waterproof and can to the shape and smoothed to suit the plug.


I would use gasket maker. Waterproof, sticks well and flexible  :cheers:

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