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Login warning in Firefox v52 - just ignore it

Started by VladTepes, Friday, 17 March 2017, 10:24 AM

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Please note that if you are using the latest version of Firefox (version 52) then you might see the following warning when you login:

Nothing has changed, just Firefox, they are simply jumping onto the bandwagon with the move to the HTTPS protocol as standard.

If you ignore the warning then all you are doing is logging in exactly as you have done before.   It is entirely safe to do so.

Eventually the whole site will be https by default but this probably won't happen until next year, once SMF software version 2.1 is released and known to be stable.

Thought we'd let you know as that message basically hijacks our login and looks a bit disconcerting. You can read more on the mozilla website here:



While on the subject of Firefox....

Version 52 of Firefox disables autocomplete on http logins (although dropdown username/passwords still work). Also, Silverlight, Java and Acrobat will no longer work in this version of Firefox. The irony is that they have kept Flash and that is one of the most compromised pieces of software out there.


Simply ignore the warning.

Thanks to the Tiger Explorer Forum, from which the bulk of this post was shamelessly appropriated. :)
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