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Please place location in your profile

Started by VladTepes, Friday, 27 January 2017, 10:16 PM

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It helps people when answering questions to have some idea where you are.

I mean the only clue I usually have if someone is in the UK is if they are standing in teeming rain or snow or other such abominations... :rofl2:

Yeah that's all well and good Vlad, but how do I do that ?

On the top menu click Profile

Then hover over Modiify Profile, scroll down and click Forum Profile

Under your avatar there is a field called Personal Text

Fill that out with say Town, County/State or whatever is best for you.

(You don't need to put the Country in this field that is already done when you registered.)

Don't forget to then click on Change Profile in the bottom right hand corner of the page, to save the new settings.

Turns out as you see for me at left. :)
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